Angelina O'Neill

Recruitment Manager ( Permanent )
+353 61 474641
+353 86 020 5506
Meet Angelina, the Recruitment Manager with a passion for helping people find their dream jobs. With her dynamic personality and expert recruitment skills, Angelina is a valuable asset to eFlexes Staffing & Recruitment. Her clients love her for her tenacity and her ability to deliver top talent, while candidates appreciate her personal approach and ability to match them with the perfect role. Angelina holds an B.A. (Hons) in Human Resource Management from the University of Limerick, and is also a Certified Mediator. Angelina has been successful in recruiting Management, Quality, Technical, Science, Engineering, Warehousing & Administration positions across a broad sector of industries including the Medical Device Industry. Angelina prides herself on ensuring the best fit for both Clients and Candidates. Outside of work, Angelina is a lover of all things fun and adventurous. Whether she's exploring new hiking trails, trying out a new restaurant, or volunteering at the local animal shelter, Angelina's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She is a firm believer in the power of positivity, and she always brings a can-do attitude to everything she does. With her background in marketing and human resources management, Angelina has a unique perspective on the world of recruitment. She understands the importance of building strong relationships with both clients and candidates, and she is always looking for ways to improve the recruitment process. In short, Angelina is the kind of person you want on your team - smart, dedicated, and always up for a challenge. Whether you're looking for your next great hire or your dream job, Angelina is the person you want in your corner. So why not give her a call today and see what she can do for you?