Contract Labour at Your Site

At eFlexes, we understand that the needs of your business can change as your forecast changes, you work on new projects or implement new processes.

Many of these changes may require access to high calibre staff for a specific period of time only. You want to be in a position where you can have staff on site who have the correct skill set for your business fast, without having to increase your own overhead to accomplish this. Contracting is a core part of eFlexes’ business model. We are experts in finding the right people, with the right skills in a short timeframe so can respond very quickly  to your changing needs.

Our contract staff are employees of eFlexes and we take care of day to day things like employee contracts, payroll, revenue returns, performance management – really all the things that distract you from your core business. We have a proven process which means that we have low contractor attrition resulting in no disruption for you.

We provide contractors  at Operative, Professional and Management levels  within the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, ICT, Aerospace& Aviation, Manufacturing, Shared Services, Telecommunications & Financial Services Sectors.

  • Administration
  • Fully Qualified Staff
  • Strategic Headcount Planning
  • Customer Services
  • Detailed Single Invoice
  • No Increase in Company Headcount 
  • Engineering - Process, Product, Technician
  • Full Payroll and HR Service for Staff
  • High calibre staff
  • Finance
  • Query Helpline for Staff
  • Reduced Administration for you
  • HR
  • Flexible Pay Rates and Benefits Packages
  • Transparent Pricing - no hidden fees
  • IT, Software or Hardware
  • Cost Reporting and Cost Management Information
  • Match headcount to Demand closely
  • Management
  • On Site Staff Management 
  • Manage your cost base more effectively
  • Manufacturing
  • Employee Contract Management
  • On site eFlexes Account Manager
  • Supply Chain
  • Disciplinary Management
  • eFlexes becomes an extension of your HR team
  • Validation
  • Compliance with Tax and Employment Legislation
  • All the benefits of having your own staff minus the administration and management challenges

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