About Us


“We will consistently and conscientiously strive to deliver excellent results and value for our Customers, Candidates and Employees. We do this by providing a personal, proactive and professional service where the Customer and the Candidate is at the centre of everything we do" Mairead McKenna, MD. 


eFlexes is a wholly owned Irish company founded in December 2002. We are not typical recruiters - we are People Consultants! Our background is firmly in industry - having worked for a number of multinationals over the years we have over 90 years experience between us in Manufacturing, Engineering, Customer Service, Healthcare,  Operations and Finance. We found, when we were hiring and sitting where our Customers are now, that most agencies didn’t have the business and technical background to short list quality candidates for us hence eFlexes was born. 

As your  longterm strategic staffing partner, we possess a number of proven attributes which we believe our customers value highly:

  • We are professional, personal and ethical in everything we do
  • We have a number of robust internal systems and applications that help us manage our business closely and in a fully compliant fashion
  • We are very proactive in terms of promoting your business and what it offers in addition to building candidate panels which will suit your company
  • Our team is strong, experienced and cohesive
  • In depth knowledge of the recruitment and sourcing market, salary trending, candidate supply and role demand
  • National presence executed on a local level
  • Boutique Approach to each and every role and customer
  • Low volume candidate focused approach (excellent candidate preparation for interview)

Like all successful companies, we started from humble beginnings - we saw an opportunity to provide Staffing Solutions to companies who were growing their business and needed access to high calibre staff. Over the years, we have never strayed from our ethos of "Finding The Right Person For Our Customer Always"! Our proprietary systems and team’s in-depth sectoral knowledge as well as our highly experienced team’s functional and industry knowledge, acquired and grown over many years, guarantee the optimum result for our customers.

    It does take time to find the right person - we like to understand our customers business, their culture and the type of person who will fit for their company. Data gathering at the start of our relationship is key for us as we can positively and proactively promote our customers brand in the sourcing process -doing it this way means there are no surprises or disappointments! We meet every candidate - we look them in the eye and assess their qualifications, experience and fit for our customer. We get it! We have managed teams of 500 people ourselves so we know what works!  

    Our company has been profitable every year and we are in a great position to continue its growth nationally. Quite a lot has changed in the last 13 years at  eFlexes and we continue to grow in response to and in anticipation of our customers' needs. One thing that hasn't changed however is our commitment to the quality of service we provide. Our core values of passion, pride and integrity remain at the heart of everything we do....."Finding The Right Person For Customer Our Always".