Terms and Conditions

For Candidates

eFlexes collects and uses your personal information to perform the recruitment functions/services you have requested. We will collect personal data. Personal data will generally consist of your name, contact details and other information contained in your CV.  By uploading your details to the eFlexes website you are confirming your consent for us to hold your personal information before it is stored and processed.

The personal data will be requested, stored, processed, used and disclosed by eFlexes to: 

  • Evaluate data about you against vacancies which we may have that we determine may be suitable for you. eFlexes in line with the nature of recruitment services, we will keep your data on our database with your consent.
  • Send your information to our clients to put you forward as a candidate for vacancies or to assess your eligibility for vacancies that we may have with your permission. When your information is sent to a client, we will automatically notify you by email when this has been done, to which client it has been shared  and for what specific purpose so that you know where else your data has been submitted and stored.
  • Permit you to submit your CV to apply online for jobs.
  • Communicate with you about relevant job opportunities and provide career guidance and support
  • Where we have a bona fide requirement by law to disclose it to third parties in relation to the detection of crime, the collection of taxes or duties, in order to comply with any applicable law and court orders.
  • Third-parties where we or our client have engaged them to deliver services that have been requested. These may include references, employment medical results, qualifications, criminal reference checking services and/or psychometric evaluation or skill tests. These will be advised to you as part of the process and you have the option to decline.
  • For people being employed by eFlexes, additional personal information is required to facilitate employment, compliance and payment services, such as bank account details, national identification numbers and visa details. This data will only be held for as long as it is required to provide such employment services and will be deleted once your employment has finished and data is not required for any other legal purposes.

This list is not exhaustive and we may seek to process, use or disclose your information for any other purpose which has not been listed above always with your explicit consent.

We reserve the right to assign your data to a third party in the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership or transfer of all the assets of our company in circumstances where the third party agrees to observe the terms of this Policy. eFlexes will notify you of such circumstances and you will be afforded an opportunity to opt-out.


For Customers

Terms and Conditions of Business - Effective from 1st January 2008

These terms and conditions of business are between Eflexes Staffing & Recruitment Solutions (‘the Company’) and the Client and are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of an interview for the engagement (which term includes employment or use, whether under a contract of service or of services) of applicant(s) introduced by the Company.

1.0 General Terms of Introduction:

An introduction is not exclusive to a specific job. The Client shall be liable for a fee upon engagement of an employee in any capacity whatsoever and within 12 months following an introduction by the Company, whether it is a sister department, company or other affiliate. Whilst the Company takes reasonable care to provide employees that meet Clients’ requirements, the fee is for introduction only. The Client is advised to obtain suitable references and other verifications before offering any person a contract of employment. No guarantees of suitability or performance are offered nor shall the Company be liable for misconduct, negligence, and dishonesty or otherwise of any person introduced by the Company or the consequences of such whilst they are in the service or employment of the Client. The fee payable by the Client for the introduction of an applicant resulting in an engagement is based upon the commencing salary or wages calculated on an annual basis, together with any allowances and other payments (including guaranteed bonus, guaranteed commission, signing on bonus etc) forming part of taxable emoluments referred to as total remuneration, as agreed to be paid by the Client to the applicant engaged in accordance with Scale of Fees. VAT is charged at the current rate for service industry for transactions in Ireland, zero rate will be applied to EU transactions.The client will notify the Company immediately an applicant, introduced by the Company, is engaged and pay the fee due in accordance with Section 8.0 thereof  within 14 days of the receipt of the invoice.


2.0 Duplication of Introduction

In the event of the Company introducing a person who by consent has already been introduced to the client, by another source, as a candidate for employment, the onus shall be upon the Client to inform the Company of such duplication of introduction. Failure to do so within 5 working days will deem the application/candidate submission as valid and accepted from the company.

3.0 Acceptance of Terms

Client is deemed to have accepted the above Terms of Conditions of Business on requesting the company’s candidate for Interview.

4.0 Credit Terms

Permanent Candidate: 14 Days from receipt of invoice. In the event of a PO (Purchase Order) being delayed on client side, the invoice will be paid 14 days after candidate start date. 

Contract / Payroll Candidates: 14 Days from receipt of Invoice. Separate Agreement containing Statement of Work and Agreed Rates (to be supplied by client)

Retainer Fees : Immediately on engagement

5.0 Compliance with Laws

The laws of the Republic of Ireland apply to all Client engagements

6.0 Guarantee (Permanent Candidates)

Should the candidates engagement cease within: the first 90 days of the start date, a full replacement placement will be undertaken by the Company provided that the Client notifies the Company in writing within seven days of the cessation of employment of the applicant.

7.0 Conversion

If an applicant is initially engaged on a contract/temporary basis, and subsequently becomes a permanent employee of the Client, the Client shall pay the Standard Rate of the applicant’s annual salary as once off fee. This applies in the event that the Client or an associated affiliate company or associate Client Supplier engages the applicant / contractor unless otherwise agreed with eFlexes.

8.0 Fees

Fees are calculated on all guaranteed earnings given to the candidate in his/her first year’s employment. This includes sign-on fees, guaranteed commissions and bonuses etc.

9.0 Scale of Fees

Contingent Recruitment

The placement fee shall be agreed on an individual basis with the Client and if not agreed will default to 15% of annualised salary

Retained Search

·Flat search fee of €x+ vat to apply

·Initial retainer fee of €y + vat on engagement

·Final invoice of €z+ vat on successful placement

10.0 Client Responsibilities ( Contract Labour at Customer Site )

All contractors working on a Client site are in the care , custody and control of the Client at all times. The Client shall effect and maintain Employers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance with a registered Insurance Company within the Republic of Ireland against all claims under any statute or Common Law (excluding claims under Redundancy Payments Acts 2003, Minimum Notices and Terms of Employment Act 1973 to 2001; Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 to 2005, Maternity Protection of Employees Act 2004; Protection of Employees (Employers) Insolvency Act 1984 to 2003 , terms of Employment Information Act 2018, Protection of Employees (Temporary Agency Work) Act 2012 , Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force) by or on behalf of all personnel supplied to it by the representatives of such persons for compensation in respect of any personal injury; loss; damage and/or expense, consequential or arising thereof or in the course of working at the Client’s premises from time to time pay such premium or premia as may become due in respect of such insurance during the entire duration of the contract. Such cover shall be for the minimum amount of one million, two hundred and seventy thousand Euro in respect of each individual claim.